Me and mines <3 single mother

im in so much pain its not even funny and im tired to the point where if i get too comfy im going to dream land.
chillen just killen lol @nickiepickie17
Just chillen (:
All clean from her bath and actin like a diva haha
Day 2 in her own bed.&lt;3 mommy!s big girl (:
Passed out sitting up at her abuela&#8217;s house awwwh &lt;3
Rockin her first pair of sunglasses her titi bought her &lt;3 #Familia #GirlsDay #FunDay

Day 2 of walking cocoa <3

Mommy: 1 baby: 0 hahaha I WIN
I rather be a jealous crybaby ass girl friend whose a down ass chick than a little hood rat hoe. So remember this crybaby ass girlfriend had your back when no one else did