Me and mines <3 single mother

My current situation a movie and cuddling in bed with my one love (: #BabyBoy #SnoopDog #LetMeSmellYaDick
My mini me, my side kick, my heart, my backbone, and my main ace. She may get on my nerves even make me upset but she knows all the right faces to make and all the right things to do to make me smile and laugh. These past 1&#160;1/2 years been the most amazing time I could ever spend my time on. 8/24/12 is my heart and soul ♥
This girl is my other woman crush wednesday. If though we never chilled one on one this girl deserves a lot better and more then what she allows herself to get. She&#8217;s beautiful, smart, outgoing and as the most amazingly big heart the world could ever ask for. #WcW #Beautiful
This stunningly beautiful girl is my woman crush Wednesday. I got her back and she got mine. We might talk 24/7 but if I ever got a chance she the type of girl I would get down on one knee and marry. I love you babygirl and have a great day at work. PS your still my bitch xD
Too much on my mind to even try and sleep..
Solo dolo&#8217; trust no bitch and trust no dude fr fr
You get what you give. If you want everything you gotta give everything. #InstaRepost #Quotes


I hate that shit.! It&#8217;s one thing to answer a question but to have a full blown conversation is another. #InstaRepost #True
Yes.! Then people wanna text me &#8221; are you ignoring me?&#8221; And expect me to text back. If I&#8217;m ignoring you I&#8217;m ignoring you #InstaRepost #Olivia